1.When did you have the idea of your excellent food brand?

-Seacrets Inspiration is the evolution of Seacrets of Greece which operates in the Field of packaging production primary agricultural  products since 2000. My personal view is that a company middle class business or not has to chance and to evolve in order to survive and to development. And this is what we did we rebranding .

2. How hard it was at the beginning?

-We made the change during the prolonged recession Greece was going through and still is, in a totally bureaucracy greek system. We also faced an additional aggravating factor of capital control stystem. So I would say not just hard.. many times I thought that they are against and they just do not want bussiness activity in this country and that it’s not worth it.

3. What are the advantages of your products?

-Seacrets Inspirations products is the result with cooperation of high quality local  suppliers, stated place of origin , traceable path of raw materials and production provided procedures ,in special packaging simultaneously with a decent price.

you can find them in boutique hotels and luxurious hotels in Greece  as welcome  or farewell gifts  from the hotel management allowing guests to have the most tasty memory , an inspired  giftbox with  full of Greek flavors.

4. Do you see any light in the end of the tunnel in Greece of crisis?

-Definitely there is light ! im optimism its a way of life for me and perception.

But  what I perceive is that some of us  do not want to walk out of the tunnel! We have to realize that the fact Greece has an GEOGRAPHIC advantage over any other country in MEDITERRANEAN is not enough. Concerning State necessary measures must be taken to improve the overall corporate licensing and operational framework if we still want  to increase further investment first we need a political and economical stability. If the state does not help innovated firms in order  to increase the total productivity of the Greek economy and not  focus on state organizations can not be a recovery. We have to be more creative competitive, to take risks, more professionals there is competition out there We learned to be stronger than we used to be before crisis happened. We have to believe it and make it happen!

5.What steps we should take as a nation, in order to share everywhere our fine food products?

-We have to realize that It is not enough to have an excellent product. We also need a good marketing strategy and consistency. People don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it . And this will happen when we love believe and fully respect our product.

The key is to keep product’s quality high over time and to stands out for its uniqueness, and this must be followed by consistency in delivery time and  competitive prices. then the great challenge for any company is to convince the consumer that the product  meets its requirements.

Having a middle class company what I think is that we definitely need more collective action to promote quality Greek brand.

6.Thinking out of the box is for you:

-There is always a way ,another way and if not you have to create one.

7.After so many years of creativity what is your endless source of inspiration? 

-The smile of my daughter, love , greek light, and my music.

8.Are you the type of character who would swim against the stream or would you rather be on the safe side?

-I was never afraid of changes and as far as I remember I always take risks  either it has to do in my personal life or business. Frankly most of the times what I find out is the regrets only for delayed decisions realization when you already  feel and know  instinctively what to do  

9. Υour everyday agenda? Ηow do you combine your intense business life with your personal life?

-I do not think I do something different from all the other working mothers .i wake up very early 6:30pm prepare my daughter for school I usually work until late afternoon .I exercise 2-3 times a week and try to read before I go to sleep and this is my balance time for me .Τhe only difference that I have is the fact that I have almost every week business trip either to Kalamata where is our base or anywhere else necessary come up . 

10.Your next business goals?

-The goal we have set for this year is the selective introduction and development of the network in two additional countries abroad.  But the more meaningful goal for us , as stated on packaging of our products is to inspire our consumers , to live a better and  healthier life by adopting in their daily diet ingredients of Greek food culture.


(Thank you Maria.)