There is no doubt that every one of us, has concerned, at least once, about how his life could be even more surrounded by beautiful things, to be more creative and finally, improved.

Living Postcards global platform, started two and a half years ago, from Iliada Evangelia Kothra, as an effective effort to move Greek people, away from miserable life, caused by our hard financial situation, and give an end to the impression, here and abroad, that Greece is a place full of talented and creative people, contrary to a land of lazy people.

Its said that ‘crisis’, brigs ‘diakrisis’, and that was exactly the goal. Despite all the difficulties, and odds, a lot of people took their lives in their hands, decided to change them so far. Artists, Designers, producers of local food products, or musicians, owners of new boutique hotels.

Taking for graded that in Chinese language, crisis also means, chance, Living postcards never stops encourage people to think outside the box and catch the opportunities, to spread their talent and creativity abroad. And this works, because good communication, hard work, positive energy and creativity, are essential tools and key ingredients, to open up new horizons and collaborations and to prove that Greece is blessed, not only because of the sun and the sea, but because of all these citizens who never stop create, getting inspiration from this environment, trying to spread salty vibes all over the world, and Greece, of course, we carry within us.

During these years, Living postcards made a lot of cooperation, giving a boost to small brands, giving motivation to a lot of people to place their product at concept stores, delicatessen, or even galleries in order to state their philosophy and passion they carry, to all of us.

Last but not the least, in case you wonder, why postcards, and why living? This, because Greece is a combination of pictures and moments, that we all, every moment, try to capture and captivate, and it never stop surprise us in a completely unforeseen way. And because, this is what exactly we call LIFE.