''Living Postcards'' Platform is proud to be part of ''New York Money Show'' .


''The most elegant, colourful, creative and modern living postcards that represent Greece, the country everyone would like to live in.

Art, gastronomy, fashion, design, music, creative groups, destinations and accomodations are but a few of the areas recommended in the organised database, which adresses its-foreign primarily visitors, intorducing ''the new modern face of Greece''.

Living Postcards began simply, 5 years ago with the aim to introduce foreign visitors to the creative activities of Greece and help them escape the stereotypical image they had of our country.  Operating as a global platform that is accessible to all, the site is updated everyday. Working to continuously discover creative new brands and people that have a story to tell, the vision behind Living Postcards is one of hope. ''



Gogo Farmaki- Fashion Blogger/ Entepreneur.
Dionisis Liakopoulos: Executive Chef "The Greek".
Nikos Karytinos-Architect.
Francis Toumbakaris -Interior Designer.
Yanna Darilis-TV Host- Executive Producer- Brand Embassador.
Matheos Sprague- VP of Design for LEE and IZOD at Oved Apparel.
Presentation by Carol Malakasis, Tech Executive, Writer, Entrepreneur.
We can't wait to be inspired.
#Greek_creativity_has_no_limits .
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