3 Years of LIVING-POSTCARDS - A celebration for all women.

Living-Postcards.com celebrated the completion of three years of its successful online presence in a great anniversary event which took place on Monday, March 7th. The celebration was focused on Women's entrepreneurship and creation, and was combined with the celebration of International Women's Day.

Three years ago, the online platform Living-Postcards.com launched, aiming to promote “The New Face of Greece”. The platform showcases talented entrepreneurs from various industries all over Greece, people whose personal and professional stories are worth sharing.

The 3 year anniversary event for Living-Postcards.com was organized along this line of thought. 15 women & 1 man coming from the fields of art, education, business and technology, shared their secrets of success and explained how they turned obstacles into opportunities and made their ideas come true, through personal success stories or in supporting a social cause. 

The L. Zervas Auditorium of the National Hellenic Research Foundation was full of people of all ages that responded to the invitation. The event opened with the actress Aliki Zacharopoulou, who talked about the platform’s evolution throughout the years and presented the invited speakers.

The first speaker, Artemis Kalantzakou, an acclaimed communications executive, talked about the importance of acting beyond one’s comfort zone. She was followed by Nadia Bele who reviewed some important moments in the course of her professional career as an artistic jewelry designer, that were connected with special women.

Anna Apostolidou and Maria Polychronopoulou shared challenges they faced when starting their personal businesses within the food industry. Coming from the same sector, Melina Taprantzi presented the entire range of activities of the NGO Wise Greece, opening the dialogue towards social entrepreneurship.

The next three speakers moved the conversation to different continents and social realities. Film Director Victoria Vellopoulou briefly introduced the public into her experience in shooting “Excision”-a documentary about female circumcision, the documentary photojournalist Dimitrios Bouras presented strong images depicting everyday life in war zones settlement in the Middle East, and art teacher Elena Karagianni talked about her participation in the Action Aid program “Send my friend to school” in Ruanda. 

Back to the Greek reality, Sofia Papadimitriou and Stavroula-Pola Misthou, founding members of the initiative “Girls Go Coding” brought to our attention the contemporary need to enforce the digital skills of girls and women to enhance their participation in vocational orientation corresponding positions.

Lydia Papaioannou, director of @Cosmopolitan Greece shared her experience in the media world and stressed the importance of perseverance, and personal effort to achieve our goals, away from fatalism and victimization. Representing A21-Campaign against human trafficking, Marina Papadopoulou referred to the global campaign against human trafficking, closing by urging us "If you see something, say something", followed by Eleftheria Kourenta, vice-president of the board of the Panhellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer “Alma Zois”, who talked about the Association’s work and about confronting one’s greatest fears. 

Katerina Giatzoglou, a writer and publishing director, opened the last part of the event by conveying her personal life experiences and focusing on the significance of fighting to the end to create your happiness, while the photographer and fashion designer Calliope presented her new book “Children of the Sun” and Vicky Chantzi introduced the public to neuro-linguistic programming.

At the end of the evening, guests had the chance to taste the new line of products created by Simply Greek and Amvrosia Gourmet for Wise Greece, inspired by the greek family table, butter biscuits by Φ bakery accompanied by Savvatiano wine from Kokotos Estate and ouzo Barbayannis, while the mobile bartenders Saint Bernard prepared original and delicious cocktails.

Additionally, wonderful keychains created by Wise Greece in cooperation with Cocomat were available for sale, to support vulnerable social groups, and the revenue from all sales was donated to the Women’s Guesthouse "FOIVI".

And of course, our guests left the event with a wonderfull anniversary gift bag from Living Postcards, full with gifts and surprises from our sponsors: Wind, Frezyderm, Avon, Nadia Bele, Seacrets Inspirations, Livani Publishing House and Benelica.