One of the most fascinating experiences that Kinsterna Hotel’s space encompasses is its history. Touring the rooms and levels of the mansion brings us in touch with material remains of other times and stories that are moving.

Each time we share the little secrets of the mansion with you, we reveal all that makes this building unique, but also capable of housing special moments and giving birth to new stories.

It is the imperceptible traces of time, in an area with a centuries-old past, that inspire us and create the evocative atmosphere that captivates.

Where today our footsteps meet the vineyards of Kinsterna Hotel, in today’s area “Ampelakia”, history tells us that it was the Venetians who took the first steps of invasion for the conquest of Monemvasia in the distant 1689.

Walking backwards along the line of time, we find the area surrounding the mansion in the hands of Ottomans, Venetians, Byzantines… until we reach the 6th century BC and the Dorian Argives, who seem to have founded the city of Epidaurus Limeras, which developed into an important settlement centre of the classical times, above the Kinsterna estate, on the hill “Kastraki”.

The area in which we welcome you today and which we have shaped by preserving and utilising its history, is very rich. Earthquakes, wars and sieges, pirate raids have tested, but have not broken its remarkable character.

On the contrary: they gave the estate a unique character, infused with a cosmopolitan, and at the same time, deeply laconic spirit.

This is why, even today, a seemingly simple experience – like opening a bottle of wine next to Kinsterna Hotel’s cistern – can condense the past, the present and the future, in a single moment.

The past: the knowledge we are happy to share with you every moment, recounting what has come before in the space that now graciously hosts us. The present: the unique moments of relaxation and enjoyment that we love to create for you.

And the future: all that comes, matures and is born in places like Kinsterna Hotel – blessed by time.Kinsterna Hotel has been created by preserving the layout and utilising the facilities of a mansion with a very charming past. In one of the most historic locations in Greece, in Monemvasia, the luxury boutique hotel has been developed in the “traces” of a richly fortified complex that bears all the beauty and proud simplicity that characterise the local architecture – as it has been shaped by successive conquests and different cultural influences, but also by nature and the landscape itself.