Grace Hotel welcomes on Santorini, Michelin star chef Lefteris Lazarou and the iconic Varoulko

Grace Hotel on Santorini, a member of the Auberge Resorts Collection, makes waves as it welcomes the most thrilling gastronomic voyage of the season! 

For the very first time this year and in addition to its Michelin-awarded location in Piraeus, the beloved Varoulko hoists its sails from Mikrolimano, navigates the Aegean with legendary chef Lefteris Lazarou steering the ship and finds its second home in the Cyclades, introducing Varoulko Santorini as an invaluable member of the Grace Hotel family. Further elevating Grace Hotel’s exceptional offering, Varoulko Santorini, with a culinary philosophy innovative and rooted in tradition in equal measure, will open its doors on Friday, April 15th, marking the beginning of uniquely dynamic collaboration.

Promising to masterfully re-introduce the island’s visitors to Greek cuisine’s most exciting flavors in their purest form, Varoulko Santorini, will be the ultimate culinary destination in the Cyclades.

Varoulko Charts New Waters in Santorini

More than three decades have passed since 1987 when chef Lefteris Lazarou’s Varoulko restaurant first opened its doors in Piraeus and ushered in a new era for the country’s gastronomy, essentially redefining a nation’s approach to seafood.

Thanks to his treasure-trove of inspiration and a pioneering outlook,  Chef Lazarou has been lauded internationally, amassing a plethora of accolades - among them, 35 Golden Toque awards bestowed on Varoulko by Athinorama, as well as an array of Greek Cuisine awards.

The recognition that stands out as most noteworthy, however, is the Michelin star bestowed on Varoulko since 2002, which the restaurant retains to this day. 

This year, Varoulko undocks from the mainland and begins its maiden voyage to Santorini, remaining loyal to its groundbreaking attitude and equipped with its trademark aquatic edge.

Carrying along its splendid legacy and genuine passion for creation it lays down sturdy roots in Grace Hotel and prepares to flourish, gazing out to Santorini’s awe-inspiring Caldera.

Here, the scenic island’s mystical magnetism finds its ally in Varoulko’s maritime allure infusing it with the freshness of an Aegean breeze. Amid Grace Hotel’s spectacular ambiance materializes a dining experience that sets the senses ablaze effortlessly.

Varoulko favorites, like the exquisite squid with pesto Genovese, an emblem of Lazarou’s creativity, or the once disregarded humble monkfish, join forces with quintessentially Greek palate-pleasers, giving way to a sensory symphony.

Santorini’s eternal beacon of Grecian beauty intermingles with Varoulko’s heritage and Grace Hotel’s sumptuous iteration of hospitality in a beguiling synthesis of “philoxenia” and flavor. 

Chef Lefteris Lazarou speaks of the new era dawning for the beloved restaurant. “I am delighted about Varoulko’s new expedition. Varoulko is my firstborn, a child I have raised lovingly, wholeheartedly and with unwavering commitment.

Now, I am ready to introduce the world to my youngest, Varoulko Santorini and I am happy that we are finding our new harbor at Grace Hotel, which personifies the concept of outstanding hospitality. Furthermore, I am pleased to be anchoring down on Santorini, an island with a splendid culinary landscape, a rich gastronomic tradition that never fails to inspire and an abundant offering of local ingredients of unparalleled quality”

The Picture-perfect Sanctuary of Grace Hotel

A member of the prestigious Auberge Resorts Collection, the only one in Europe, Grace Hotel delivers one-of-a-kind experiences connecting its guests with their loved ones and one another on the most sought-after Greek destination worldwide. 

Resting on Santorini’s sun-soaked cliffs and nestled in cosmopolitan Imerovigli's meandering cobblestone paths, Grace Hotel, shines like a precious gemstone under the Mediterranean light.

Pristine whitewashed abodes open up to reveal impossibly chic suites and villas epitomizing the apex of luxury with their understated, minimalist appeal grounding the aesthetic in Cycladic tradition.

Elegant, refined and incomparably stylish, Grace Hotel’s expansive spaces add an element of sophistication within an already superb amalgam of sea and sky. 

The resplendent retreat boasts the island’s most advantageous vantage point over the spellbinding panoramic vistas extending over the island’s famed Caldera and the striking Skaros Rock, perfectly expressing the Aegean’s at once rugged an ethereal beauty.

Faithful to its established hospitality offering, Grace Hotel looks forward to a fantastic new season, full of novelty, exciting surprises and brilliant collaborations, guaranteed to transform guests’ summer moments into precious memories.

George Avgoustis, General Manager of Grace Hotel says: “Grace Hotel is excited to begin such an iconic partnership this season.

We are honored to be welcoming the legendary culinary expert that is chef Lefteris Lazarou as well as the iconic Varoulko to the hotel, which carries along an incredible legacy spanning over three decades.

We are confident that here, Varoulko will find a new safe haven away from its motherland, where it will undoubtedly blossom into a must-visit destination on the isle of Santorini, with international appeal. We look forward to a fruitful future, to growing and developing together and to offering our visitors the absolute best Greek gastronomy and Santorinian tradition have to offer.”



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