Dimitris Dallas lives in Athens. He studied graphic design and Computer Graphics DTP & Web Design in AKTO.

Ηe is inspired by everyday life, the people he meets, incidents and situations he observes.

Dallas works with spray, acrylic, markers and spatulas improvising on his characters and symbolisms. The repeating patterns encode his feelings.

The fluidity and the sense of movement exuded by his work, express the energy that surrounds and configures the artistic creation.

Major Exhibitions:

2014: «SURPRISE V – Special Edition», artAZ, Athens

2014: "Art & Design" Pop-Up show (introducing European and Latin American Art & Design to South Central America)

2013: «Jim Dallas - The Project Room Installation», artAZ, Athens

2013: «CULTURAL BRIDGES: Athens - Quito», artAZ,

2012: "SURPRISE 4 & Spectrum", Technopolis, Athens

2011: "SURPRISE 3 & iDream", Technopolis, Athens

2010: "SURPRISE 2”, Technopolis, Athens

2009: "7ply project", International Festival, Technopolis, Athens

2009: "Artogether" Festival, Arthouse, Gazi

2008: "RENDEZ-VOUS DES ARTS", 2008, Athens