FoodsCross is the brainchild of a small group of Greek friends who share the restless spirit of true pioneers and appreciate food as a need and a pleasure for body and soul.

The people of FoodsCross invested in their very own curiosity and unwavering interest for real, tasty and healthy food.

Where can these foods be found? How can they be distinguished and how can they reach a wider public? How can we identify a nexus where all relevant information is gathered and new synergies are created? A crossroads where unique products converge in order to reach the public with ethos and care, a point where food is appreciated for its provenance and its ability to offer unique experiences of pleasure?

FoodsCross is the place where everyone is potentially the producer of answers to these questions and the co-creator of meaningful results. FoodsCross founders, clients and friends make up the extended family of food hunters and gatherers, culinary travellers who track, test and share food-related information so that it becomes knowledge.

Thinking in the context created by the historical wanderers who recorded their experiences, discovered valuable and overlooked data, made drawings of objects, buildings and works, compiled catalogues and created precious archives for the reconstruction of a complete human history of culture, FoodsCross welcomes all those who agree in theory and practice that food production and consumption is a matter of care.

This care and attentiveness has creative characteristics and long-term goals: foods are important, and so is provenance, method of cultivation, quantity and the timing of harvest: their time of ripening according to natural rhythms, of which the public should be made aware. This is an essential kind of wisdom in consumer decision-making which should become part of the enjoyment and pleasure associated with food.

FoodsCross packaging is a result of the same perception of food value and the common good: Emblematic yet simple, created with the help of the most creative design specialists, using environment-friendly materials and handcrafted details, where even the sound it makes forms part of the ritual of food.

FoodsCross acts on the basis of inquisitiveness and care — and as our favourite Gordon Matta Clark motto suggests, this is a continuous experiment, an open question which, happily, never lets us rest.