It is no secret that the world as we knew it has entered an overall change. The financial and economic crisis has unveiled the true face of society. A society that was based on needless consumption and showing off. A sponsored condition by “other people’s money”. Human values were substituted by financial power. You couldn’t tell if the one sitting next to you was a tycoon or just a clerk. One life. 12 banking installments.

Meanwhile the world keeps turning. And life goes on. So what lesson did we learn?

This period we are all living has 2 points to show. Surviving the everyday struggle and keep on going. Keep on going where? The unemployment has become a severe cancer. And fear is what feeds the hearts and the minds of the biggest percentage of the population.

So how about these small business efforts that every day we hear something about? There are people behind these efforts. Like you and me. Do they have a secret?

Or they just putting on a serious effort based on knowledge, field experience, research, healthy public relations? You think it is just luck?


Sincere love on what you do. Or on what you will choose to do. And go for it with everything you got. After all you can choose to follow or to lead. Nobody will blame you.

But if you love what you do then you will realize that the other person on the other side – call it customer, call it investor- will feel it. Maybe he won’t put at a glance his money on it. And there is the catch for you. Stop and watch the world spinning, or keep on going wherever you wish to go?

Persistence and Commitment. Honesty and integrity. This is what it will take you to the next round.

These values are the defense against fear. Against misery. There are no magic “potions” on business. Unless.. you hadn’t learn anything yet.

Angelos Proestos

A little something about me:

Since the beginning of my career, I have been serving my science as an Economist for 14 continuous years through variable –heavy duty - posts. I have analysed and financed at least 300 different types of companies, trained and supervised more than 80 employees and taught more than 500 students.4 years teaching over 2.500 hours, 23 different lessons spread in 5 domains of Economics.1 national student’s award (as coach) for entrepreneurship and countless smiles for my students when they realised that “skills and tools” can be adopted by anyone. It only takes someone to stand by them and support them to leave their fears behind.

Committed to “practice what you preach”, on July 2011 - without fear and more mature than I ever can remember - I took a lifetime decision. To follow my heart through my art. And try to combine all these qualities of mine at a way that I and others will feel the “color” within.

And since today I keep on going ..