Melentini is a Greek musician singer-songwriter , multi-instrumentalist and music pedagogical instructor established in Berlin. She is the principal songwriter and vocalist of the electronic band Sequence Theory Project and founder -lead singer- song writer of the Running Blue Orchestra . She has also composed music scores for short films and dance videos. She created the soundtrack for the feature film Afterlov/Αφτερλωβ (awarded in international film festivals of Locarno, Thessaloniki and Mons), for theatrical plays. She has also appeared in theatrical roles as an actress and stage musician. She has released 3 digital Albums with Sequence theory project and several features in various collaborations such as Steve Jansen (sadness/album:Tender Extinction 2016) the Blue square (Nightkisser-single, Blind Colors of the Soul-single), UNIVERSE217(Never-Ep,Familiar Places-Lp), Pavlos Pavlidis & B-movies (Sto diplano Ourano-Lp), the Broken Orchestra(Glass-single), Mani Deum(Bourbon Bedtime Story/album: When Beauty Ends) Her latest album •Λεωφόρος Εφιαλτών/Leoforos Efialton , Ep 2016• is an independent work in greek lyrics, selfreleased on her personal bandcamp page . Her previous solo album “Explosions around, the desert inside”(cd, Lp 2013)- is a full production work with the participation of exceptional musicians of the local Athens jazz/rock scene performing under her own orchestration/arrangement including symphonic strings, theremin , brass, woodwinds and was released by Restless Wind in a special cd edition 2013 and in Vinyl edition in October 2014.

Melentini's songwriting has been influenced by a variety of musical styles and genres, including nu jazz, avant-garde, ambient, electronic, with references to afro-soul, Irish folk songs, Balkan lullabies and more.