It’s all started with a cheap drum machine at the beginning of the 2000.The drobs choose sounds from musical libraries and experimenting with them. Italian and French music from the 60’s, early 70’s soul,traditional rhythms from Nigeria and Ethiopia and Brazilian bossa nova….He take the samples and then he adds beats and keys.
George Karanikolas (the last drive, blml) produced the record, adds some guitars and vocals and the result is 14 low budget high fidelity tracks.
The sound of the record is between funk, ambient, soul, electronic and hip-hop. It’s like captain Beefheart meets Madlib and Sun-ra.
The tittles of the tracks inspired from comics and beatnik literature.Nick Christolis make the sound engineering at his studio in Athens, the cut and the mastering from Magnetic in France.Except the drobs and George Karanikolasin 2 tracks participate in j-kadillac.
The record released early 2013,only in vinyl on a limited edition of 150 copies.