VENETO, an old Venetian 14th centurymanor house, is located in the heart of the Old Town of Rethymno, just a 3-minute walking distance from the commercial area, the museums, the beach and the numerous cafes, restaurants and nightclubs.

We have restored it with respect to the character and architecture of the building, and have created six studios and four suites, ready to take you to the charm of yesterday and offer you the comforts of today.

In the common areas of the ground floor, there is one of the most beautiful and famous restaurantson the island, open most of the year.

In our stone-built winecellar you can find some of the most carefully selected wines from the Cretan, Greek and national vineries.

Relax in a unique 700-year-old atmosphere, in a journey through time, in a town ready to embrace you and surprise you! at simple things are usually the most beautiful ones.

Rethymno, the prettiest and friendliest town of Crete, is situated in the centre of the north coast of the island. The town is flanked by impressive hills and high mountains combined with a coastline of sandy beach unique in beauty, as well as many other sites.