Andreas Psarakos was born at 1958 in Velo Korinthias. He began painting lessons with Vrasidas Vlachopoulos as a teacher. He studied at Vakalo School of Arts & Design where he learned more about his artistic practice from Vangelis Dimitreas and Yannis Valavanidis.

He also studied at the German School of Graphic Arts and later on, he won a scholarship to study herbal colors in Crete, while he was making large-scale posters for theatre shows.

His colorful artworks are part of many private collections in Greece and abroad.

He has made 13 solo exhibitions and participated in many group exhibitions. Andreas Psarakos prefers the intense colors that refer to pop art and have playful, joyful mood.

Free from any sense of seriousness, exonerated towards the purity of his inspiration, he creates works that take us back to the era of innocence.