Hi all.

It has been a long while since I last posted anything on Living Postcards so I thought an update was in order. For anyone that has read about me here or knows me in other circles you will be aware that some amazing things have happened as well as some tragic. All in all, it is life and for me as the saying goes, it is swings and roundabouts.

Firstly, I have to congratulate Iliada and the team at Living Postcards for the outstanding work they have done in bringing not just products but the Greek people to the forefront and not only given them a platform to advertise but also a place to look to, in order to work with and promote anything Greek within its pages. The fan base now is global, and yet not so long ago it all started out as just a small project to highlight what Greece can offer apart from sandy beaches and packed out holiday resorts. 

Since I last wrote I have also travelled extensively throughout Greece, with visits to Athens, Corfu, Lefkada, Meteora and so many more stunning locations, as well as to be a regular visitor to my regular haunts in Halkidiki. My love for Greece is as strong as ever as is my passion for photography, which along the lines of Living Postcards I serve to highlight the little known of places, the secret places that only the locals know, or in a lot of cases that did not know until they saw it from me. My fan base has increased dramatically on all platforms as well as my personal friends list in Greece which consists of hundreds of amazing people that I have worked with and now associate with whenever I travel there. 

Over the years I have seen and witnessed the struggle that Greece has faced with the austerity measures implemented and to date I absolutely hate it, but, without getting political it is what it is and I am glad to see so many people putting up a fight, not only to just survive but also to better not only their lives but also their families, all of which have become victims of the crisis for all of the wrong reasons.

Only recently on a visit to Thessaloniki I did something I have been trying to avoid for years, fashion photography. Why? I do not really know but I have never considered myself a “people” person with the images I take, however, and yet again I was wrong. Yet again and thanks to an amazing friend (Eleni Zaxarki – Souare Secrets Thessaloniki) I have found another field of photography that I absolutely love and from just one hastily organised and chaotic night the response has been crazy. So much so that I have had lengthy talks with a lot of people with regards to carrying out more assignments in Greece to promote the Greek fashion industry of which I had little if any knowledge about only just a few months ago. It is something I am really looking forward to not only for my own reasons but to be working with teams of very dedicated people whose only aim is the same as mine and that is to see Greece make a comeback onto the main world spotlight and not be put down as a “has been” of countries that just gave up. That is not an option, either for me of the people of Greece and one way or another I feel it is important to be putting up as strong a fight as possible under the circumstances. 

As many of you know that within the photography “ring” competition is tough, really tough.  Again, it was not something that appealed to me as with what I do you are allowed to be a loner, to produce work that is unique, new and or something different from the main stream. I have been proved wrong, having worked with other photographers the word competition only exists on the pages of magazines or company headlines that want to reward a photographer for a lot of hard work with a gimmicky prize or certificate. The reality is that once you are an established name the only challenge is to see who remembered to bring fresh flash gun batteries or who charged there’s up before an event. We all get on fine, and, if any help is needed by any there are a few on hand that will provide that help, free of charge, and without any hindrance or bias towards you. The way I see it is that we are all in the same game, and as I have proved there is no need to shove and grapple for the best shoot position for any show as the technology with cameras and lenses means you can now get some stunning shots from further away the stage or recognised shoot point. 

All in all, the things I see are good. By far a long way from perfect but the determination I see among you is incredible, there is a buzz and instead of bowing down and giving up a lot of people are doing whatever it takes to make things better. For me this year has also been a tough one with the recent loss of my father which, because of his ailing health meant I had to cancel all travel plans for this year as none of us knew how long he had left and there was no way I was going to chance being outside of the UK as and when the time came. It was a decision I hated and it hurt, but it was the right thing to do under the circumstances and due to that one night led to me having to turn down a lot of work in Greece from prospective clients. 


Thankfully all have been understanding of the situation and agreed to wait for when things improve. In October I am coming back, initially to Thessaloniki to speak to some organisers, promoters etc not only in Thessaloniki but also in Athens and by doing so expands my scope across the whole of the Greek mainland. If all goes to plan it will also see my moving to Greece on a permanent basis another step closer which will then give me more time to collaborate with so many more people and companies that have one aim. To promote Greece. Nothing more, and it is a goal that I will see happen in the not too distant future. I hope that those of you that read this no matter where you may be also take up the challenge and join Living Postcards in its venture to bring not just the best of Greece, but everything Greece to the international community and show them just what it is they are missing out on. I know what it is, you know what it is, but, and crazy as it sounds, they still do not…. Time for change folks.. Time for change.