There is definitely something almost mythic about Piraeus, a creative city full of contradictions. 


Every neighborhood has its own story, its beauties and a lot of perfect places where you may eat or drink. Having the sea in the scenery all over, you can hardly resist to eating seafood while in Piraeus. "Giannis#2" is a Greek restaurant, ideal for those who are willing to sacrifice their diet for specialty seafood.

A simple, casual and friendly place -result of the collaboration of Spyros Krizinis with Giannis Zannis, the owner of “Giannis” fish tavern - that attracts mainly young audience. All dishes are prepared with  Greek fresh fish and handmade ingredients, lovingly made by Maria, Spyros’ mom, whom I call  my personal awarded chef (!).  Welcoming and hospitable people  turn every single moment  spent at “Giannis#2” into a non-to-miss experience.  Some of Giannis best dishes are: octopus stifado, spaghetti with ouzo and shrimps, anchovy in the oven, fresh fish.

 A chance to share opinions, laughs, love while enjoying your meals.A meeting place for old and -why not?- new friends.



Special Thanks to...

 Dina Theodorakidou for make up (Area Spot Alkiviadou 116 Piraeus)

Cosmetics Lee Hutton and Odeia.

Nadia Bele for the jewellery.

Med for the amazing eyewear and outfit.

''Loom'' Hand made clutch.

(But above the wonderful owners for their big smile and their positive energy)