We begun this journey, 3 years ago. Greece was -still- in the middle of this horrible financial crisis, and our goal was to change all those stereotypes that people from abroad used to have about us. We wanted desperately to show the ''New Face of Greece'' abroad.

The true face of Greece that was born under the pressure and insecurity, a creative face full of hope and vision.

We wanted everyone to know about Greek designers, small hotels, local food and beauty products, musicians, artists.

We decided to celembrate this anniversary organising a big event about women. About all the things we have in mind, our fears, our wishes, our dreams. We decided to talk also about things like trafficking, cancer, education, social entepreneurship and more.

We selected 17 inspired people and we asked them to share their own positive point of view with us.

We thank all of them, we thank our sponsors, our media sponsors and the volunteers.

Greek creativity has no limits.