Born in Athens, she studied Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens where she attended the art workshops of V.Kaniaris, S.Sorogas, V.Xenou, Theodoros, N.Laskaris, G.Kalakallas, G.Chaidopoulos and others.
She holds a Master’s Degree from the Bartlett School of UCL (University College London) and was awarded a scholarship from the State Scholarships Foundation (IKY). 
She has taken part in several ceramics and black & white photography exhibitions. She has designed the prize trophy of the ‘Greek Graphic Design and Illustration Awards’ and has illustrated the book “A fairy tale even for young children” [Athens: En Plo Editions, 2006]. 

Solo exhibitions 
2014 – Open C.a.s.e. 303, Kifissia-Athens
2011 – Melanithros, Athens 
Group Exhibitions 
2014 – Porta Gallery ( Kuzina Restaurant), Athens
2014 – Tsichritzis Visual Arts Foundation, Kifissia-Athens
2013 – Open C.A.S.E. 303 , Kifissia-Athens 
2013 – Enigma Gallery, Kifissia-Athens 
2013 – Athens Biennale (on- line participation)
2012 – Enigma Gallery, Kifissia-Athens 
2011 – Goulandri Natural History Museum, Kifissia-Athens