Anna Fafaliou (b.1987) is a conceptual artist currently working between London and Los Angeles.

Fafaliou’s work explores the relationship between object, memory and identity. Her practice is based on the distortion of commonplace objects, materials and forms in order to create new dialogues between them and the viewer, observing the disruption of familiarity to them.

In 2011 after having obtained an MA from the School of Fine Arts, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Greece, she underwent an MA in Film and Visual Arts, University of London.

Since then her work has been shown around the world in various institutions, festivals, galleries. Selected exhibitions include: “Sleep” at Bangkok Art & Culture Centre (2016), “Concrete Matters” group show at Whitechapel Gallery / Cass (2016), “Windows” at Art Miami (2016), “Maps” group show at Scene Art (2015).

She’s given lectures as a visiting artist  at NYU, King’s College and Bangkok University to name few.

Due to the her interest in the notion of cultural memory, Anna has attended various artist’s residencies across the USA, Asia and Europe.

In 2017 Anna will be showing her first solo exhibition at De Re Gallery in Los Angeles.