• Marm eλλada is a jam made with certified organic carrots and pumpkins, without added sugar, without preservatives and added colours, rich in fibres
    Marm eλλada is the remarkable combination of exquisite taste and health benefits. 
    Marm eλλada offers a unique taste coming from select organic vegetables. 
    We also consider our responsibility to take care of the environment while making our product. For this reason, we are using recyclable container from recyclable paper, while the carrot and pumpkin peels are collected as by-products and used to improve the product's characteristics. The organic seeds of pumpkin are also selected and reused. 
    We are committed to a product which offers excellent taste, health benefits and adheres to the safety rules having as priority the needs of our consumers. We are committed to our product!
    1st award in the Greek National Competition "ECOTROPHELIA 2015", organised by ΣΕΒΤ, for the creation of eco-innovative nutritional products. 
    Marm eλλada, representing Greece, will participate in the upcoming European Competition, "ECOTROPHELIA Europe 2015".