Barounis family oil press is situated in Tsoukaleika, Messenia, a few kilometres from Kalamata, in the region of Ithomi. Its activities started back in 1974.

What has changed since then...

In 1986 centrifugal equipment was installed.

In 2007, the press was completely renovated and fitted with Pieralisi equipment. It is a two-phase ecological unit. 

Hence, Barounis family itself was further initiated in the olive oil domain through thorough information and ongoing instruction.

What has remained through the passage of time...

The love, real, passion and devour responsibility for the fruit so much coverted, honoured, a symbol of our country and its culture.

In the beginning there was...the land...It all starts on the very ground that hosts the olive trees...the Messenian groves.

It is there that the Barounis family, along with the farm workers, - valuable partners – manually collect the precious fruit, taking care that the trees suffer no damage.

The fruit, packed in specially woven hem sacks is brought to the plant on the very same day of collection, for the extraction procedure to start immediately, so as to prevent the development of fungi and bacteria on the fruit.

There, the receptacle welcomes the fruit, which by means of the corweyor belt is brought to the double peeler, where leaves are removed following this, the fruit is washed twice, weighed and led to

the grinder, where it is transformed into a pulp, called “hamouri”.

Next, this pulp is gently rubbed by a different beaters in an airtight environment and in low temperature (24-25 C), so that all the nutrients and aromas are fully released, in contrast to the older presses, where the pulp was exposed 

Then the pulp is forwarded to the decanter, where the olive oil is separated from the core pulp in a two-phase ecological way.

Finally the centrifugal separator frees the oil of any foreign substance.

Thus, the pure olive juice, having been submitted to no chemical or industrial process whatsoever, is poured, always manually, into the aesthetically impeccable containers, immediately sealed and delivered to you.

You practically have the chance to taste the very same olive oil that every Messenian producer brings home from their grove.

It should be pointed out that all the “Elladiko” plant machinery and equipment conforms to the most specifications.