It was created by an “ancient” and so far unknown Corfiot olive forest variety called “Lianolia”, which has been for centuries native to the north of the Ionian Sea and the southern Adriatic Sea. It is therefore the First single-variety(monovarietal) “Lianiolia” olive oil in the global market.

“The Governor” is one of the fewest olive oils in the world that has been awarded a “health claim” report! that was composed based on the results of specialized chemical laboratories and more importantly, on the scientific research of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Department of Pharmacy) and which that indicated a rare percentage of polyphenols, much higher than the one predicted by the law for a product to receive a health claim.

Its flavour, as well as the intense aroma of freshly crushed olives will not go unnoticed by the consumer, as it is described as unusually “especially spicy”, with an unmatched harmony between fruity and spicy notes.The olive grove was planted by our ancestors and is a property of Dafnis family. It is situated in the south-western part of Corfu, around the byzantine fortress of Gardiki (12th century) in the protected Natura region of Korission lagoon. The whole production process from the reproduction of trees until the harvest is controlled and monitored by us. The olives are processed, ground and cold-pressed in our own olive oil press.

The olive oil is stored in our HACCP and ISO 22000: 2005 hygiene-certified standardization unit(OLIVE FABRICA).Each bottle (500 ml) is a special creation filled and decorated by hand! As a result, our yearly production is steady but limited and the end product is accompanied by all the details and information on its harvest, alteration and bottling. Our olive oil is to us of great historical meaning and in direct relationship to our Land, our Lives, our Future… For this reason, it is “Named in honour of the first Governor of independent Greece, the Corfiot Aristocrat Count Ioannis Kapodistrias (1776-1831)”, which can be seen on the bottle’s label on a golden-coloured adornment made from metal (pewter).

We offer “the Governor” in an elegant package as minimal recognition of the tremendous work of the great political leader Kapodistrias as well as the precious nutritional value of the olive oil.


It began as a VISION and fervent desire of Dafnis family that after years of arduous endeavours and research is now coming into being...It combines in absolute harmony the unparalleled experience and respect towards tradition with the youthful passion, vigour and knowledge that make for a truly precious and at the same time rare olive oil....It stems from the womb of the land of Corfu and is its most precious treasure. It’s a gift of the age-old Corfiot olive grove, a live natural monument that has been fermenting a well-kept secret inside it....Olive oil, as the basis of Mediterranean cuisine and as a natural product itself is the healthiest oil and stands out due to its unsurpassed substances that are beneficial to the human body. ...

Finally, the olive oil was produced to reverse a well-established notion, to break new ground and make history as Corfu’s first and only premium olive oil, thus paving the way to the market of officially CERTIFIED “HEALTH CLAIM” OLIVE OILS....

“The Governor”

What’s more than excellent..?

A rare extra virgin olive oil with character!