In 2000, Greek TV and film director Manousos Manousakis and his family decided to revive a unique olive grove at the foot of Mount Parnonas, in the historic village of Sellasia, near Sparta  in the Laconian Peloponnese. This was to complement production from two existing family farms near Corinth (also in the Peloponnese). For the Manousakis family, organic sustainable agriculture is both a necessary and realistic alternative to chemical-intensive farming. We all know that excessive pesticide use, soil degradation and genetic homogenization of crops threaten the biodiversity of our countryside, the water we drink and the quality of our food.
After years of painstaking devotion, our products have reached the peak of quality we were seeking; we are now ready to share this produce with all those wishing to experience the authentic flavours of the Pelloponnese.
We offer a variety of organic products, ranging from a unique, centuries old, local variety of olive oil, to Kalamon Table Olives, Fruit Spreads, Chutneys and Fresh Produce. Sensitive to the health and nutritional high standards of consumers, our olives are hand picked and cold pressed to preserve the beneficial organic substances of olive oil. Our oil is not filtered. Some residue from the pressed olives, that accumulates at the bottom of the containers is proof of this. We can say it is pure, natural, olive juice. Our fruit is hand picked when sweet and fragrant. We oversee our fresh produce from the planting of the seed to the harvest.