Stylianos grew up in Heraklion, Crete. He likes thinking that photography is his excuse to travel around the world. < He started taking photographs and attending lessons at the Hellenic Photographic Society of Crete.  Soon,  he realized that if he wanted to become a  better photographer, he should listen and learn from a variety of people about photography. In February of 2007, he joined the Photographic society of University of Crete (F.O.P.K).

In Ireland, he works for the not-for-profit organization Barretstown as a photographer, but also as a moderator in life enhancing projects for seriously ill children. Co-founder of the digital media project  ‘The World of Ronah’,  Stylianos creates short documentary films and podcasts on traveling and photography.

From 2009 until 2012, Stylianos was traveling around the world capturing photos for his project “In touch”.

Stylianos has worked around Asia photographing for IRIN News, the award-winning humanitarian news service of the United Nations. In 2013, after a short business trip to London and Paris, he went to Morocco for a short period of time in order  to photograph and explore a  culture that is drastically affected by Europe but also, the fighting between the tradition and the new European lifestyle (just like it happens in Greece).

In the beginning of summer 2013, he came back to Greece willing to “comment” on the situation of his country.  With his partner, journalist Fragkiska Megaloudi,  they worked on issues like “Crossing into the unknown: the plight of Migrants in the fields of Greece”, ”Poverty in everyday life” and ”The middle class situation in crisis”, projects that got published in numerous media such as The Press project, Eleytherotypia, The spiegel.

In October 2013, Stylianos was honored by the Greek President of  Democracy and in December 2013, Stylianos presented his first “solo” exhibition called “Circle” in Athens.

In January 2014 he worked with a non profit organization called ‘KETHEA‘ and his partner Fragkiska Megaloudi to document the lives ofHeroin addicts and the health care system in Greece. A research that was publish on Al jazeera. In February 2014 he was spoke for his personal growth over the years and how you have to trust people and expand your comfort zone at TedxHeraklion (watch the talk). In spring 2014 Stylianos traveled to Cuba to document a country in transition and he continued over to Central America to add more work to his big project called “In Touch”.

In early 2015 he went back and started working again with KETHEA, to document the brilliant work that’s been done from the organization and give them images that will be presented later the same year for the celebration of the 20 years of the organization.

This summer he will be going back to Barretstown to produce more videos, small documentaries and photographs that will help the organization grow but also will be a documentation of the great work that is happening.