Lena Konstantakou grew up in Athens, Greece and moved to the UK to study Art & Design and Graphic Design. She worked for more than ten years for magazines and newspapers in London - amongst them the Daily Telegraph newspaper, where she worked as the Art Editor for the company's commercial department.


Her photographic vision is an evolutionary journey from the busy London lifestyle to the 'quiet' and more peaceful neighbourhoods by the sea and close to nature.


Lena Konstantakou’s ethereal photographs explore the intuitive connection between habitat, existence and wellbeing. With a body of work that has been shaped organically over time, Lena demonstrates a holistic approach to image making – the artist, her environment, the viewer all interconnected.

Drawing upon the concept of ‘the ordinary’, she captures imagery that signifies the importance of wonder, appreciation and connection; a celebration of an ordinary life. 



2021 Prix de la Photographie Paris Px3: Honorable Mention

2021 International Photography Awards: Honorable Mention

 2011 International Photography Awards: Honorable Mention

Exhibitions and art fairs:

The Other Art Fair, London - March 2023

 Cuba is alive, solo show - Idea Generation Gallery London - Oct 2010