I dated the true beginning of my artistic career as a child, so for me being a painter is a lifetime project.
In 2010 I graduated from School of Fine Arts of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
I derive my inspiration from everyday experiences because art is at some point a reflection of life. I think there’s an infinite number of ways to get to the same point, it’s actually not something that’s limited. You can literally find inspiration everywhere. I’m definitely inspired enough to keep making mistakes learning from those and using it to exact a better outcome in future.
In my latest artwork, I concentrate my energy on portraiture, often depicting people in everyday activities, through a surrealistic prism and human figures in scenes that suggest dream, usually on large scale canvases. I sometimes find myself highly imaginative and further interested in escaping reality. I wouldn’t say that I’m exclusively a figurative painter but I am an emotionally charged one. Abstract art attracts me as well and reveals my tension to express my emotions through vivid colors.
My artwork in general clearly shows my intentions to experiment and my attitude towards painting which is surely not traditional. I largely distance myself from typical academic standards.  

2008 – Tellogleio Institution Group Exhibition
2008 – 5th Biennale of Schools of Fine Arts, Athens
2010 – Group Exhibition at Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art
2011 – “Cities” solo exhibition in Kolonaki, Athens
2014 – “Beyond Beauty” solo exhibition, Thessaloniki
2014 – “La Rue des Belles Filles” solo exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland
2015 – “Cityscapes” solo exhibition Kifissia, Athens.