Fool in The Box is an alternative rock trio band from Athens, Greece, active since 2007. After wandering in many bands Apollo Avatangelos (vox – guitars) Agis Vougas (bass) and George Rados (drums) formed the band relying on their love for music, their will to be creative and their long-term friendship. The sound of the band has the experiential root at the 90s rock sound while their influences cover a vast variety of music genres ( from pop to jazz, progressive etc). The tight rhythm session, the melodic vocals and the groove are the basic elements of their sound. The track “Decently behaved” was part of the “In the junkyard Vol.3” Spinalonga Records collection. Live performances are essential for the band. They have played in numerous shows and festivals throughout Greece and they have opened shows for Oi Va Voi, Sleepin Pillow, Master of Disguise. In collaboration with SAE International “Faces” EP was out in June 2014. This EP is the appetizer for the upcoming album of the band that will be released soon. Fool in The Box keep on creating music with passion and rocking the spirits.