Destiny Heroes is an Alternative / Punk / Rock band with English lyrics. In the end of 2010 it was a music project composed by G.Raven and Elias Gikakis. Τoday Destiny Heroes consists of G. Raven (25 years old Lead Vocals),Stanley G. (16 years old Bass) and Filippos Zoidis (19 years old Guitar).
So far they have released one E.P. titled "The Wait E.P." produced by Markos Samaras and one L.P. titled "The Monster I Became" produced by Bob Katsionis.Their first single "The Monster" aired in the 22th position of beat 100's original chart and in 4th position of beat 100's rock charts for 3 months.
Their second single "Best Day" was massively loved by the Greek audience and it was on the radio air for several months since its release.
In summer 2014 they recorded their new album entitled “Abandon the ship” produced by Ntinos Kosmopoulos.It also includes two bonus tracks “The Monster” and “Best Day’’ from “The Monster I Became” album in acoustic version.The first single was released in early Octomber and it was the “Abandon The ship” track which the album was named after.

The second Single from from "Abandon the ship" was "God of the new age" released on 6/2.