The epitome of authentic island living on Zakynthos 

Nestled in the lush countryside of Zakynthos, Lesante Cape opened its doors this summer, as the latest addition to the roster of award-winning Lesante Collection, and a proud member of Leading Hotels of the World.

Revealing a stunning collection of luxurious villas and suites, Lesante Cape perfectly captures the island's aristocratic legacy, fusing it with the beauty of verdant surroundings, azure vistas, inviting authenticity, and impeccable services.

The prestigious signature of Leading Hotels of the World guarantees every Lesante Cape guest outstanding hospitality on the island, rooted in originality and elevated further thanks to enticing gastronomy and immersive experiences. 

The sanctuary of Lesante Cape 

Located in Akrotiri, Zakynthos, and only 2km from the island’s capital, Lesante Cape is a high-end collection of 55 suites and 10 villas that offer guests the chance to delight in a quintessential Mediterranean summer.

Situated in the rolling hills of the countryside, the prestigious estate rests on the cultural foundations of island living and puts forth a haven of elegant design, charming simplicity, and natural splendor.

Spurred on by a commitment to sustainability and a polished aesthetic, Lesante Cape stands out as an idyllic retreat for those in the know. 

Each accommodation option at Lesante Cape opens up to reveal a sanctuary of tranquility, permeated by an unmistakable noble air. From sea view rooms with private balconies looking out to magical panoramas and grand villas, each room highlights contemporary luxury.

Thanks to their refined Zakynthian design, each room is an ode to sophistication, highlighted through the addition of natural elements and textures that unite to create oases of peacefulness. 

A taste of excellence 

The culinary journeys unfolding within Lesante Cape are nothing short of splendid, promising to offer something for every taste, at all hours of the day.

Thanks to a philosophy that is deeply entwined with the Ionian islands, customs, and traditions, Lesante Cape's proposals are a flavourful celebration of heritage, elevated through passion, creativity, and adoration for the Mediterranean's contribution to our collective flavor lexicon.

Lesante Cape’s commitment to authentic living is further highlighted by its “Bostani”, an organic farm sitting within the hotel’s grounds that supplies all of its unique gastronomic destinations with fresh, fragrant raw materials, ready to be transformed into delectable dishes. 

This nature-based outlook is perhaps best captured in Fiore, Lesante Cape's fine dining restaurant, boasting a privileged location within the complex and looking out to amazing sea views.

What’s more, Fiore benefits from the experience and creativity of chef Aggelos Bakopoulos, one of the country’s most sought-after and talented culinary experts.

Here, the pioneering chef draws inspiration from and celebrates the island’s heritage, infusing it with a contemporary twist as well as his own creative flair.

Take Bakopoulos’, modern interpretation of the beloved “bourdeto”, for instance, or his version of the classic “magiritsa” where tradition and innovation co-exist, revealing sumptuous flavors with each bite.

At Fiore, the chef unites the Heptanese region’s secrets with his innovative perspective; cooking with ingredients harvested from Lesante Cape’s very own Bostani.

The same ultra-fresh approach characterizes Bakopoulos’ more marine creations, as well, where the freshest catch of the day and exquisite seafood are given the Fiore treatment, bringing their tastes to the fore and elevating them with special flourishes.

In the process, the concept of living and dining from nature acquires a luxurious edge that is perfectly in tune with Lesante Cape’s refined character and the island’s aristocratic heritage. 

Guests can enjoy an array of delicious breakfast favorites at Elea restaurant, where they may even return for a laid-back dinner, while sumptuous lunches unfold daily at Novita, Lesante Cape's all-day restaurant and bar.

The hotel's Noble Bar, reveals a stunning ambiance that calls out to be enjoyed with a glass of wine or delicious cocktail in hand while the Kafeneio, modeled after a traditional village coffee shop, presents the perfect opportunity for a taste of real Zakynthos, complete with an exploration of the finest traditional treats. Sun-kissed moments on the terraces of Lesante Cape meet their perfect match in Novita Pool Bar, the ultimate poolside hang-out for refreshing drinks, mid-day boosts and satisfying snacks. 

A tranquil retreat 

An oasis of tranquility promising to restore, relax and rejuvenate is situated within Lesante Cape. At Armonia Wellness & Spa, guests are invited to treat their body like the temple it truly is, pampering and taking care of it with a range of treatments guaranteed to reveal their most relaxed self.

With an indoor pool, three massage treatment rooms and a massage suite, a sauna, hammam, jacuzzi, and fitness center hosted within a serene, elegant space, every Lesante Cape guest is initiated into the true meaning of rejuvenation in the hands of highly-trained professionals,

catering to each and every need for a truly personalized experience.

At one with an enchanting island 

The central philosophy of Lesante Cape lies in experience and cultural immersion. Knowing full well that this verdant paradise is ripe for exploration, Lesante Cape is eager to introduce its guest to the magic of Zakynthos.

Through immersive activities, planned to perfection with the help of a dedicated Concierge team, the guests of Lesante Cape have the opportunity to unveil facets of Zakynthos previously unknown.

Private yacht cruises take visitors around the island, revealing secret coves, mystical caves, and an awe-inspiring ship-wreck, renowned the world over, as well as the precious natural eco-systems residing on the island.

Alternatively, visitors have the chance to venture further from the bustling towns with chauffeured excursions and bike tours to remote strongholds of village life, as well as become one with nature on carefully mapped-out hikes through gorgeous landscapes.

The more culinary-inclined will find in Lesante Cape's Cooking Classes, the perfect companion to initiate them to Greece's most beguiling tastes. 

Lesante Cape stands out as Zakynthos’ must-visit luxury destination this summer.

Revealing amazing accommodation options, tasty explorations of the island’s gastronomic culture, and an environment in which relaxation becomes effortless, Lesante Cape is the island’s perfect proposal for travelers who seek to become one with the captivating Ionian isle.