Set on the tranquil Vathi beach in Crete, the Daios Cove Resort and Luxury Villas is one of the finest 5-star hotels in Agios Nikolaos, Crete Island.

Near the town of Agios Nikolaos — yet on the secluded beach of Vathi this luxury resort in Crete enjoys an exclusive elegant and serene location.

In a private cove amidst blue skies, a crescent of sand, and the calm of the Mediterranean, Daios Cove is regarded as the ultimate 5-star beach resort on Crete Island. Its coastal views and beach setting offer an awe-inspiring escape in Agios Nikolaos of Crete.

Among the best 5-star hotels in Agios Nikolaos, this beach resort in Crete Island is a style landmark, hand-carved out of the hillside rock with one-of-a-kind hotel architecture and chic, minimalist yet sumptuous interior design.

Guests’ well-being always comes first — which is why the hotel serves up such outstanding 5-star luxury and fine local cuisine.

Daios Cove Resort and Luxury Villas in Agios Nikolaos offers more than lavish surroundings and a 5-star holiday experience. It’s a unique atmosphere that has to be experienced and enjoyed. It’s a mood. It’s a feeling. 

5 star Beach Resort in Vathi

Residents of this 5-star beach resort in Crete Island can swim in the hotel’s sea water infinity pool; relax with a range of treatments in Daios Cove’s state-of-the-art hotel spa or sun-worship on the beach.

With a watersports center, fitness center, tennis courts, program of entertainment, and excursions to Crete’s must-see pleasure hotspots, historical sites, and archaeological treasures, this luxury accommodation in Crete surely provides a vast range of outstanding hotel services and unrivaled hotel facilities.

The Greeks have a word for the generosity and hospitality they show to those far from home: ‘Xenia’. This is what guests experience every time, at Daios Cove 5-star beach luxury Resort and Villas in Agios Nikolaos of Crete.