Kristof was born in Athens. He is a composer and performer.

He studied the piano and acting at the Drama School of the Athens Conservatoire.

During the last few years he has been involved in the Athenian music scene with the release of two indie albums: Rêvealité (2013) and The Oracle (2016) (piano-voice). His performances have elements of a German cabaret with him singing, playing the piano and narrating stories.

TALKSHOW is Kristof's third album.

The ten tracks were originally written as cabaret numbers for piano-voice in 2017 in Athens and Berlin. They later took the form of an album and were recorded in Athens during 2019 with producer Vassilis Dokakis. They can stand independently, but also as a single beginning-to-end project.

The inspiration for TALKSHOW came from a lyric of Lena Platonos from her iconic album Sun Masks: "we talk and we don't understand each other..." It is a concept album and it is about a Talk-show that happens somewhere in Kristof's mind, where the presenter and the interviewer is the same person. It's a record for the voices that reside in his/our head…. About the things we see and do not talk about, about magical objects, about drama-queen situations, about the "old" who talk about the "old", about anxiety disorders and about those of us that talk to ourselves and not about us.

The album is released on vinyl, limited cassette and digital album via Inner Ear.