In anticipation of the upcoming ''Tablescape'' art exhibition, we had the chance to talk with Ioulia Lazou.

With a distinct vision and a mastery of her craft, Ioulia Lazou breathes life into the concept of wearable architecture, transforming metals and gems into miniature marvels that adorn the body.


1. Do you find that certain architectural styles or movements particularly inspire your jewellery designs?

There is no one particular source of inspiration, I draw inspiration from everywhere. There are multiple stimuli such as a work of art, an object, a building or a natural landscape that will be transcribed under a geometric and abstract prism into an architectural jewel.


2. Do you see jewellery pieces as wearable architecture?

In architecture, the user is surrounded by it and inhabits it. In jewellery this condition is reversed and the user carries this tiny architectural matter, but serving the same ultimate purpose, a happy user.


3. What emotions do you aim to evoke in those who wear your collections?

My intention through my jewellery is to pleasantly surprise the relentless everyday life that characterises the modern way of life.


4. How do you hope people will interpret or engage with your work around the concept of Tablescape?

I would like the visitors to take a moment to dive into themselves and express the emotions that will emerge from the dialogue between the jewellery and the other objects.




''My professional career begins from my student years and includes graphic design, jewelry, furniture and building construction.

My multi-faceted engagement with various forms of expression results from perceiving architecture as the center of an expanded field of experimentation.

In my projects I "play" and experiment with scale, materials, end-user and function, adapting each of these elements to the conditions of each study.
As a consequence of my architectural path came my preoccupation with jewelry which completes my search around scale and material as I define jewelry as the minimum architectural matter that can exist in space.

The architectural jewel is the spatial transcription of an incessant, inner drive generated by my wandering around the city and interacting with its people:                                                    
it’s the product of an endless process of observation, research and experimentation.

It’s a composition of diverse fragments governed by a single geometrical consistency, a consequence of the reading of the built landscape and the personal need to translate this to a tangible, intimate and more human scale.''