Our company, Setia, is a trading, olive oil production company, located in Lesvos island, Greece. We practice sustainable agriculture, particularly on olive tree cultivation, committed to produce fresh, full flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Organic Olive Oil of exceptional quality. Our company is certified by the international organization Bureau Veritas to quality management standard ISO 22000:2005(HACCP). Our certified organic(Bio hellas Certificated) and extra virgin Lesvian olive oil, has a unique texture, fruity taste, rich flavor and a characteristic golden color. These unique organoleptic characteristics (color-taste-smell) and the plethora of its valuable nutrient ingredients contributed into its distinction in the international market as a renowned product (with the E.U. label P.G.I. – product with Protected Geographical Indication). The pressing of olives is done in mill with cold pressing,  below 27°C, in order  to maintain the composition and quality. In order to ensure the production of the highest quality oil, the olives must not be damaged during the picking time, so, harvesting is done entirely “by hand”. Last, but not least, the storage and bottling procedure is conducted with the utmost care and attention, with respect to the International Standards.