The land of Pelops has been linked throughout the ages to the sacred olive tree and has always been one of the most important olive growing regions in the Mediterranean. Pollen from olive trees have been found in the Western Peloponnese that date back 2000 years. The olive warehouses of Pylos, the archaeological finds of Mycenae, and the depiction of olive trees on the Vapheios Cups all bear witness to the importance of olive cultivation, which continues undiminished to this day. About 95% of the olive oil produced in the region is extra virgin olive oil.

The olives for our Revela D - 100% GREEK EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL, are still harvested by hand and cold extracted within a few hours. This provides a first class premium olive oil with very low acidity. The organoleptic properties reveal a harmonious, medium fruity extra virgin olive oil with a long aftertaste and a balanced bitter and spicy. The aroma of green almonds, leaves / grass and fresh herbs characterizes the Revela D - 100% GREEK EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL. The taste is very enjoyable to many people who loves olive oil and can be varied used in the kitchen.Get inspired and join us on a journey of the palate, to the cradle of European culture.