Artist Name: 

Eva Soldatou

Work Title: 

“Ode to Colour”



Curator Note

Eva Soldatos’ work is an attempt to capture the movement and colours that surround us. One would say that her colour palette has movement and sound, verse and reverse, just like an ode. That is why the title of the collection of these works is "Ode to Color".

Dynamic shapes in abstract images with wavy background, from circles and concentric shapes, with leaf shapes and curves, with geometric shapes and curved lines; mixed colours and textures. These works are "contemplative" and at the same time "dynamic", like everything else that is characterized as Action Painting or as Abstract Expressionism, with the colour spree and strokes across the canvas.

Eva Soldatou does not want to depict reality with accuracy, but instead uses abstract shapes, colours, forms and gestures to achieve her result. Abstract art is often seen as a moral dimension, as it defends virtues such as order, purity, simplicity and spirituality when an event or an action takes place.

Eva Soldatos’ art is sincere and emotional.

Elephant Design


Curriculum vitae 


Eva Soldatos was born and brought up in Athens. 

For a period of about ten years she lived in England, where she studied English Literature and Economics. 

Her activity in literature and the arts consists of a 5-year study in the National Conservatory of Athens and the publication of three poetry books. She has also published two novels and has taken part in numerous collective publications. 

Eva Soldatos has been painting for many years. 

Until now she has presented her work in about twenty outstanding personal and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad, including the "Hellenic colours abroad-II” (30th June to 9th July 2010) organised by the "Athens Festival of Visual Arts”, the international "Mail Art” of the "John F. Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts Foundation” (6th to 12th June 2010) in Washington. 


Her published books are: 

"Rustles and Whispers" (published by Roptron, 1992),
"Colour and Light" (published by Dekaepta Ogdoa, 2000),
"Night Ballads" (published by Ellinika Grammata, 2007),
"Before I Was Born" (published by Roptron, 2011) and
"A Journey with the Name Zoe" (published by Yfos, 2018).