I am Alex, a freelance graphic designer working and living in Athens, Greece. For the last four years, I found myself leading a double life that my dear husband occasionally may suffer: designer by day and blogger by night! After entering the magical world of blogging, I was amazed by the new products and concepts of design. Later on, I came with the idea to design a series of decorative wall art for our home, our friends’ homes and – why not? -  for everyone!

I love white backgrounds, solid colors, black lines, abstract photos, but would not be inspired enough if I didn’t enjoy a good book and a beautiful music. If I had to invent a personal style, that would be Scandinavian – Greek: a combination of clean forms and practical beauty.

Each of my posters has a story behind it: A shape and it's origin, a form and its function, a hidden feeling to be discovered. They are versatile and can decorate different rooms and spaces. Materials and packaging are carefully chosen and every piece is signed, some are limited edition, but all made with love!