Mikaella Theofanopoulou was born in Tokyo, Japan. After finishing her undergraduate studies in Architecture, she graduated with honours from Oxford School of Architecture, where she got her Master in Applied Design in Architecture. Since then, she is engaged in interior design and decoration working as an architect in N.S.Marble S.A, a Marble and Granite company, based in Athens, Greece. Mikaella is currently promoting her own new collection of Marble and Granite Trays and Platters, she designed for the firm. The design philosophy that is hidden behind this collection is inspired from marble's potential which can start as a raw material and can be transformed into a work of art. Monumental masterpieces such as the Parthenon on the Acropolis of Athens, Hermes of Praxiteles, the Victory of Samothrace, prove that marble's cultural heritage and tradition in history attracts the admiration of the world even today. Over the centuries, from the Greek Classical Antiquity to Renaissance and from Modernism to Today, people used natural stone not only because it was satisfying their aesthetic requirements but especially because it fulfilled their needs as users.

This new collection of simple but functional trays made of Marble or Granite celebrates the authenticity and plasticity of the material while determining its new contemporary look, without losing its lavishness. The collection is a series of different sized and designed trays and platters made from various natural stones. They can be customized according to each customers preference in material from the vast Collection of Marble, Granite and more Natural Stones of N.S.Marble S.A, dimensions matching their space and design features.