Spyros was born in Athens in 1978. He studied Economics at the University of Piraeus and he gained his master degree in Human Resources at Warwick Business School.

In 2007 and whilst working in the HR department of London School of Economics, he takes the decision to drastically change course in his life.

He resigned from his position and left London in order to attend an eco-community in Madeira island and study permaculture. It was then when he learned of a new and revolutionary instrument known as the Hang.

Spyros met his first Hang in September 2007. This meeting signified the start of a journey exploring the possibilities and endless dynamics of this new instrument. The most valuable qualities in this journey are the conscious presence in the now and the discipline required to become one’s own teacher. Spyros composes his original music which is a blend of new age, contemporary world music and ambient under the artistic name “Spyros Pan”.

He supports the belief that music represents dedicating one’s soul and energy. It is an effort of revealing and communicating the inside to the outside. A path that is meant to be walked without borders and conditions. He is inspired by the struggle of human nature to free herself from the chains of fear, the power of the soul and the bright quality of Love.

Almost seven years after, his portfolio includes two personal albums – compositions for solo Hang and an appearance in the soundtrack of the movie “Man at Sea” by director K. Giannaris. Alongside he has performed on musical stages and festivals in Greece and abroad.