Evi is one of those rare cases in which an artist is blessed with all the gifts in the artistic spectrum. Best known for her amazing voice and stage performances as lead vocalist for two iconic Greek underground bands, No Man's Land and Echo Tattoo, she is a singer/songwriter who delivers deep emotional songs with immense passion and exquisite technique and just gets better with time.

Evi Hassapides Watson, whom the specialist music press have named "Queen of the Greek Underground" and "Greece's leading female vocalist", is considered to be one of the most influential female performers in Greece.

Mama - A song written by her for her mother who passed away in December 2013,

performed live with Echo Tattoo's guitarist Panos K. Ganas at Music Works Record Shop. VIDEO:


Echo Tattoo's LOVE IS FREE video, shot and edited by Evi.



Ping - One of her home brewed projects. VIDEO:


A gifted storyteller, a painter and sculptor, a dancer, an actress or in her own words "a stand up comedian wannabe" and a writer, Evi Hassapides Watson is a Greek gem who was raised amongst Greek Americans in the '70's (one of them being her uncle Carl Maxwell Watson, chief sensor for WNBC NY until the mid 80s), and as such she embraced the American culture and the English language as her vessel in lyrics which examine multiple layers of the human psyche. A passionate equal rights supporter Watson writes about love, injustice and the human condition in a simple yet powerful and poetic manner.

Dr Seuss' "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" Read by Evi (during a terrible cold). VIDEO:


Drawing the first layer of "Lalaland" 's shop sign. VIDEO:


Evi has applied her various talents in the multiple stages of the advertising and music production process as a composer, producer, writer, and talent. She composes music for TV and Radio jingles and ads and if you've spent time in Greece during the last ten years chances are you have heard her singing voice in various TV or Radio commercials as well as her wide range of characters in voice overs for ads and dubbed TV series such as Nickelodeon's Chalk Zone cartoon series which airs on Nickelodeon Greece.

Evi in the Advertising Jungle. VIDEO:


As of late, since work with advertising agencies is scarce, Hassapides supports herself and her family by working at home as a translator specializing in Greek to English Literature and Legal translation because in her own words: "music alone just won't cut it, but at the same time I am such a lucky one since I am so in love with words. Every translation is a magical journey".


She lives in the ever so busy center of Athens, and is the proud mother of Orionas, a little boy who follows in her footsteps (and ladies: he has been breastfed for 3 years!).

Evi covers "Dock of the Bay" by Ottis Redding. VIDEO:


As a footnote here's her short description of herself on Facebook:

Volunteer Billionaire / Manic Expressive / Faithless Believer / Professional Hobbyist / Empathizing Bitch / Heroic Chicken / Genius Retard / Holistic Specialist / Methodic Chaotist / Unicorn Slayer Fairy /

Equal Rights Enforcer



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Evi Hassapides Watson's Page on Facebook


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