Our company was founded on the volcanic island of Lemnos 28 years ago. We continue a long gastronomy heritage holding dear to traditional recipes and using the finest local ingredients: sheep and goat milk, fresh eggs, flour from the local wheat variety «mavragani».

The lily of the sea -rare and protected specie of Lemnos flora- is our company's emblem and it represents the authenticity and uniqueness of our products.

The use of traditional techniques in combination with the quality control system (ISO 22000) applied by our company in each production stage determines the individual profile of our products.

We are also in close cooperation with the UNIVERSITY OF THE AEGEAN "Dept. of Food Science and Nutrition" concerning Research and Development (www.fns.aegean.gr). This is a multidimensional collaboration consisting -among others- in the implementation of approved research programmes for the creation of novelty traditional food products.