Ergon is a selection of premium quality Greek products. Our aim is to unveil Greek gastronomy in Greece and abroad. The collection consists of traditional Mediterranean products that respect tradition and create a proposal of high aesthetic and added gastronomic value.

We are based on the substance of the word itself: ERGON = vocation.

In ERGON we believe that everyone should be doing what he knows to do best, what he was taught and loves doing.

This is our rationale expressed throughout our products. Every series of products is produced from different people, experts in their field, has its own name and history. The only common element is their brand name: ERGON.

We redefined aesthetic and qualitative terms the word “traditional”:

We created products and packages for people of today made from people of yesterday.

With contemporary aesthetic and usability but quality from old times.

In order to integrate a new product under the brand name ERGON it should have some qualitative, organoleptic features, to be a unique ingredient of Greek diet or nature, or to introduce a new gastronomical proposal, generally to have a perceived  differentiation in quality.