Makin dried nuts is a family-owned and operated company, established at 1983 in rural area of Almyros in Greece. From the start of our business we have been growing, hulling, shelling - processing, packing and shipping dried nuts such as Greek almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, inshell pistachios, pistachio kernels and peanuts. Firstly, we cultivate the dried nuts in our lands, and then we crack - break the shells of nuts. After careful processing we trade the kernels in wholesale prices. Along with proprietary crops, Makin dry nuts has also created an extensive network of cooperation and assosiation with Greek growers claiming to know the proper cultivation (soil conditions, irrigation, fertilization, pruning, pest management, etc.).

    We offer to our customers premium quality edible nuts from Greek farms which are famous for its premium quality and excellent taste. It is universally acknowledged that Greece, thanks to its climate and location, produces the best agricultural products. The quite hot summers and mild winters of the near to sea region of Almyros, create an ideal climate for producing the highest quality almonds and pistachios in the world. So, the brand name "Makin" - Ioannis Makanikas dried nuts has became associative with quality.

    The vertical integrated production of dried nuts (planting, hulling, shelling, cleaning, grading, sorting, sizing, processing, and in-house logistics packing, and then shipping and delivering) allows us to offer you 100% warranty of best price in Greek dried nuts.