Once upon a time not many years ago, people living in the Greek countryside, men and women (workers, villagers, farmers, merchants) used to 
start their day by carrying a tourvas on their back.
In  this bag they used to carry their snack or lunch (usually bread, olives, tomatoes, some cheese wrapped in a cloth towel), flask of water, 
their work clothes  (since they did not have that many), their tools and off they went to work. At the end, of an extremely tiring working day, they used to fill – saddle their tourvas with fruits and vegetables from their farms and the items they 
have shopped in the market or clean family clothes from the river and returned to their homes to rest.
Wearing the tourvas their hands were free to greet their friends, hold their children in their arms and hold their horse, to bend over to pick vegetables from the earth or cut fruits from the trees. Things nowadays have completely changed, but still many of us want or need to have something traditional, to remind them of those days, especially if it is practical and elegant. 
So, the modern tourvas, based on the traditional measures and manufactured with the same logic and style becomes the 
best choice for a portable and practical bag, giving:
The cyclist
The climber
The hiker
The tourist
The everyday man
The opportunity to get into the spirit of that time.
 Freedom in the hands and feet, chest opens for the enjoyment of fresh air of the countryside.