Every story is a masterpiece!

Storymood.com is a new, on-line workshop, creating amazing designs, inspired by special stories. A song, a season, a holiday spirit, a trip, a great love affair, anything important that is happening in our lives can be an incentive for our work and a spark for the making of our products. We don’t follow trends. Our products are the trend! 

We are a team of very talented, creative and imaginative people that have a long history of bringing extraordinary projects to life.

Our carefully selected items include clothing, jewelry, household pieces like mugs, trays, coasters, and many more items, all artistically mastered in a unique and modern style. Our designs and products are made for individuals and also companies where we take their concept and values and achieve an outcome that will make a magnificent difference.

Our clients are looking for a personal and different way to show others that they are so important, that when they visit storymood.com, they know they will find there, that unusual, smart and meaningful gift in super prices with no boundaries of age, time, fashion or culture.

Our slogan is “making stories happen” and we can also provide you with exquisite custom-made solutions for that one-of-a-kind great moment of yours and your beloved ones’ life. 

Our mission is to inspire everybody who wants an uncommon and stylish way to tell a story!