With this body of work I am taking a sideways look into the ongoing commercial overtake of culture and into the ironical outcomes of imposing western cultural paradigmsupon other civilizations which are seen as somehow inferior. The irony is alsoaimed at the phobias of certain fanatical strands of contemporary Islamic practice towards – and against – women, art, beauty and the freedom of speech.

I work in a mixed technique whichhas developed into an integrated approach to both the materials I combine and the semiology of the forms I use. A multi-layered composition of transparences allows me to build considerable visual and semantic depth. Using the subtlety of an Oriental technical and visual ‘language,’employing among others transparencies and brush marks, I build an imagery where meaning lies within an ‘aesthetic’ image. I perceive‘the aesthetic’in opposition to the imagery of brutality which pervadescontemporary art andcan be correlated with the banishment of ‘poetry’ by fundamentalist Islam.

In my latest work I have introduced neon light not merely as signs but as elements that enhance the depth of my painting and punctuate its narrative.