Welcome to Critamo Cottage

Critamo Cottage is a 200-year old Cretan house, located in the remote Gavalochori village of Agios Pavlos, near the historic town of Chania. This fully-serviced cottage can accommodate up to five people and consists of two bedrooms, a seating area, kitchen with stove and oven, and bathroom with shower. Its sister property, the Villa Athermigo, is close by and could be combined in one stay for larger groups looking to holiday together.

The Aria service team is on-hand to make everything just like home. We can also arrange car rental, restaurant bookings, excursions and much more to give a hotel experience with the privacy and exclusivity of a holiday cottage. Additional meals and party catering can also be extended throughout your stay.


Built at the beginning of the Ottoman conquest in 1724, Critamo Cottage (previously known as ‘Amvrosios House’) passed from father to son. Centuries of history have added to its distinct charm which has now been lovingly brought back through Aria’s careful restoration. It is fully in keeping with the traditional village setting and its many features of local and historical interest.

The Village

The historic village, named after the Gavalas family who lived here during the Venetian period, holds a fascinating past which is explored in the local museum. Featuring many shops, old Greek tavernas and cafes, it also abounds in local culture with shops selling traditional pastries and handicrafts, numerous Greek Orthodox churches, and many architectural features of interest such as Venetian arches and wells, Roman tombs and an ancient olive oil press.

Many interesting walks exist around the village and our local Aria team can advise on possible routes along with maps appropriate tips for places to stop along the way.

The name

Critamo (crithmum maritimum) is a sea herb and edible wild plant with high vitamin C and mineral content, found throughout the British Isles, the Mediterranean, North Africa and the Black Sea. Used in herbal medicine, it is thought to aid digestion.