Vision Omonia: a Brand-New Haven of modern design, art and hospitality makes its debut in the heart of Athens, in Omonia.

The first hotel of a new Hotel chain, VISION Greece just opened its doors to the public.

Omonia, (Oμόνοια – meaning Unity in Greek), is one of Athens' most iconic and historic neighborhoods, and it has long served as a vital crossroads of culture, commerce, and community. Known for its rich multicultural tapestry, Omonia speaks straight to the heart of the Greeks, as it has been a landmark meeting point for generations of local Athenians, through the centuries.

It is here, in Omonia Square, where the Greeks meet in hundreds, without a pre-arranged appointment to celebrate the county’s most significant milestone Events, Distinctions, Awards and Celebrations!

Here, in this area abounding in positive energy,  VISION GROUP | Hosts of Superior Living   decided to open its 1st Hotel, the brand new  VISION OMONIA HOTEL. 


About Vision Omonia

Amidst this historically significant and culturally vibrant backdrop, walking distance to everything that matters, and just a few steps from the Metro, Vision Omonia makes its debut of modern luxury and artistic expression.

This premier city hotel offers guests a unique blend of contemporary elegance and immersive cultural experiences. Each room is designed to provide a tranquil escape from the urban hustle, equipped with state-of-the-art amenities and tasteful furnishings. Vision Omonia distinguishes itself with its dedication to the arts, featuring a unique, original art collection curated by Kirios Criton. The hotel's commitment to honoring the multicultural essence of Omonia ensures that it is not just a place to stay, but a vibrant hub of creativity and community engagement, contributing to the ongoing revitalization and celebration of this historic neighborhood

Vision Omonia, features 42 elegantly designed rooms and suites, ranging from 26 to 60 sq.m, offering guests an unparalleled experience with breathtaking views of the Acropolis and Lycabettus Hill. This premier urban art Hotel features a stunning Rooftop with an incredible Infinity Pool, providing panoramic vistas towards the Acropolis, the vibrant Omonia Square and Lycabettus Hill.  Additional services and offerings are the VISION OMONIA Gym, the 2 meeting rooms and the Finder’s Real Estate Hub within the hotel.

Rooms feature an innovative Mini Bar, KORRES amenities and Shop-in-a-Shop, and unique design aesthetics that blend the Greek Neoclassical lines into the modern world.  The VISION APP also facilitates guests during every step of their stay, allowing guests to order from a wake-up call to an excursion via their mobile phone!


Guests may also look forward to an innovative culinary journey with the upcoming introduction of the BENEDICTS food & beverage global concept, entering Greece for the first time through VISION OMONIA.

The New Restaurant is Coming soon - September 2024.


7x7 Gallery

A distinctive feature of Vision Omonia is its curated art collection, which transforms the hotel into a living gallery. Curated by Kirios Criton, the 7×7 Gallery, brings together the poetic vision of seven exceptional visual artists within VISION OMONIA.  Each of the hotel's seven floors is dedicated to one artist, creating a unique artistic narrative as guests explore the premises. This concept, aptly named "Art Room Service," ensures that every room features an exclusive piece of art, allowing guests to connect deeply with authentic art. Each artwork is available for purchase, offering guests a chance to take a piece of their Athenian experience home with them.


VISION Group and the Finders Real Estate Hub

VISION OMONIA is part of the VISION GROUP | Hosts of Superior Living owned by the Finders Group. It is the first hotel of what is to become a family of accommodation in the heart of the Hellenic capital, with upcoming new accommodation unts soon to arrive in the areas of Akadimias, Ermou, Gazi, Metaxourgeio, Exarheia and Crete!

Vision aspires to fill the gap between hotels and short-stay rentals, with the aim of reaching out to its guests with the famous Hellenic hospitality, top-notch services and a humane, relaxing approach within the vibrant urban environment. The VISION is spreading to the districts of Omonia, Athens and Crete, celebrating Hellenic Hospitality through a new model of tourism, personalized, yet affordable to all, so that guests may experience authentic Greece through a model of accommodation and real estate.


VISION OMONIA: 36 Chalkokondili & 3rd Septemvriou Street, 10432 Athens, Greece

T. +30 216 8083070 | Email: |W.  

Managed by Modus & Amplio Hospitality :


|Thank you Photini Constantinou - Director of Sales & Marketing for the collaboration|