Calypso is a premium quality Single Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil, made of our family's ancient trees in one of the most ancient olive groves of the world.

Our family cultivates 1000 trees, which are more than 700 years old. The distinct olive variety, the climate of the region and the biological way of production endow our olive oil with a distinct taste character. 

We produce this exceptional olive oil from olives that are harvested and sorted by hand slightly before their maturity. This endows our olive oil with an emerald green color, high density and the typical peppery and fruity aromas of the fresh, unripe olive. The velvety texture is characterized by touches of the artichoke scent, while a well-trained palate will also discern a fragrance reminiscent of the marigold (Tagetes sp.) flower.
Due to the low temperatures during harvesting and processing of the olives, its acidity is among the lowest observed (between 0.2% and 0.4%).