At the beginning of 2021 a dream becomes an idea.

The love for quality and reliable cosmetics, but also the need for a range of care from the perspective of the pharmacist having now an experience in the field, and from the side of the laboratory and the consumer were able to create Phõs.

A brand that aims to meet the needs of the skin of the modern man and his senses in a holistic and innovative way so as to bring out our wonderful self at its best.

The raw materials and the manufacturing of the products are made in Greece and one of the goals of Phõs is to inspire the consumer to smell and feel Greece as the company itself sees it.

With references to Ancient Greece and the nostalgic traditional Greece , the essence offered to the consumer is an experience that has certainly not been felt before and all of this is covered by a veil of knowledge and science but above all love and respect for human existence.

The founder of the company, Niki Kavvadia, after several years of study, observation and study, is pleased and honored to present to you all this experience that is in every product of the company.

The Phõs logo

After the name the need for a logo with character was created and having Ionian roots and strong ties with Lefkada the inspiration came from an embroidered heirloom of grandmother Diamantos ,

where in order to be created , the design leaves room to be freely shaped by the embroiderer , but needs absolute mathematical precision to be embroidered correctly.

Like the products there is creativity and innovation but around the framework of the scientific eye so that they work properly. The pattern of this embroidery is the epitome of free expression ,finesse and precision as is the philosophy of the company.

The story behind the logo that deserves our attention

Karsani stitch is a type of embroidery, traditional of the village of Karya in Lefkada. It is particularly delicate, fine, measured with mathematical precision and is registered in the National Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage since 2019.


One of the greatest advantages of Karsa embroidery is that it does not limit the embroiderer, but leaves her the freedom to add and remove motifs, thus forming a design of her own. However, it takes absolute mathematical precision to embroider correctly.