In the picturesque village of Kanakades in Corfu. A village with no more than 200 inhabitants, somewhere between the stone-built alleys, the centuries-old olive groves and the green valley of Ropa, the story of CHOÉ natural candles begins at Christmas 2017.

A hybrid brand with a green footprint, created and developed, in the place where the siblings Spyros and Eleni Moumouri were born. The headquarters where CHOÉ is located is in a once 400 square meter wood workshop that still houses the original and rusty machines.

This is where our scented candles are designed and made before they travel to Greece and around the world.


CHOÉ is an ancient Greek word that connects man with nature and places him in it. The liquid offering, with wine, water, honey, or oil, which they made in ancient Greece to the Gods of the Underworld, the Muses, the Nymphs, and their ancestors.

CHOÉ essentially referred to the emptying of a vessel, a ritual that reflected man's hope for maintaining the natural order in the World and the abundance of Nature. Mediterranean scents are present in every product manufactured here.

Whether it is a bespoke order or part of the CHOÉ collection. During the 50 hours of burn time, on average, each candle releases scents that recall childhood memories, from a country that tells its myths through the scents of its nature.


CHOÉ candles are handmade and fresh. Each candle is only made to order, at the time of demand and this means that there are no candles in stock.

Special emphasis is placed on beeswax, an entirely natural product, which can be preserved for hundreds of years without losing its natural properties. CHOÉ is the very first brand to cover its candle container with fabric.

The fabric canvas, which is applied to the container, portrays particular designs of a minimalist approach and emphasizes its Greek identity, printed usually in monochrome.

The wooden details that complete the container's design are made here, once a wood workshop creates a tangible connection with the memory of the space.


Sustainable, pure, beeswax is produced by bees and is the raw material that forms the structure of a honeycomb. It is non-toxic and absolutely friendly to the environment and people.

By following ecological ethics and sustainable strategies for harvesting it, we can continue to enjoy its benefits, respecting both the ecosystem and people. Using beeswax in collaboration only with Greek beekeepers, CHOÉ supports beekeeping on a microeconomic scale.

Sustainable soy wax is plant-based and made from soybean oil, a green product, fully biodegradable, produced faster than it is consumed, and does not harm the ecosystem.

CHOÉ collaborates with producers that protect forests and native vegetation while simultaneously allowing farmers and communities to prosper.

Eco-cotton wicks CHOÉ products are entirely handmade and manufactured with strict ethical responsibility towards humans and nature.

For the containers of the candles, inflammable fabric, bronze, FSC® certified wood, and ecological paints, EMAS & ECO LABEL certified, are used. Appropriate for the protection of humans and the environment.

Forest-friendly packaging, FSC® certified.

At CHOÉ we strive to reduce our ecological footprint and waste throughout the production process and encourage everyone who loves our products to do the same.

Thus, our packaging and containers, after being emptied, can be reused in many ways, in a ritual whose goal is to this day a balance between man and nature.