Nefeli, which means nebula, and Asterios, which means star, are combined to form the name NELFOS. The brand's tagline is "There is always a shining star in the center of everyone's nebula that brings out the inner beauty of ourselves" (FOS, which stands for "light").

A luxurious, meticulous beauty line for both men and women, NELFOS skincare is produced entirely in a pharmacy lab in Greece by pharmacist Asterios Asteriou, who pays close attention to the products' quality and details. It was established in 2010 in Greece's Fthiotida region, in Agios Konstantinos.

For the face, body, and hair, NELFOS offers skincare products composed entirely of natural ingredients.

The ingredients are all organic, devoid of chemicals, and environmentally friendly. All of the most recent and endorsed green cosmetology is supported and used by NELFOS formulation.